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Méthode multilingues ALPHAMAX MASTERLANGUE
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The program

With Masterlangue, get ready to transform yourself into a kind of language genius, to have a lot of fun, to start assimilating a foreign language in just 90 days and above all almost without effort!

Masterlangue is based on the Suggestopedia, a technique based on research to optimize the resources of the human brain (we only use 4 to 10% of its potential).
It stimulates the learner rarely used abilities. It promotes long-term memory and above all makes it possible to progress very quickly and to learn up to five times faster than teaching.
classic and more with pleasure. Used in many universities in the United States under the name of "SuperLearning", the Suggestopedy is suitable for all those who want to get out of the "trailsbattus"
to learn differently using the latest developments in psychopedagogical research
Le programme alphamax masterlangue,
Le programme alphamax masterlangue,

Each session or session lasts about 20 minutes and there are 39 sessions or 13 hours of lessons to learn about 10,000 new words.

A session of 20 minutes is recommended and can assimilate more than 200 words. You can spend little time a day doing a lesson or two a day. You will see very quickly which rhythm suits you best. This method will take you 1 to 3 months depending on your pace.
  • Let your subconscious do all the work for you.
  • Uses visual and auditory memory.
  • Reduces your efforts and your learning time.
  • Absence of fear and apprehension that favors the spontaneous expression of students.
  • Avoid the superfluity of difficult, inefficient and slow traditional courts.
  • Large number of vocabulary words memorized at each session.

Many students, who learned with this method, have mastered foreign languages in a few days. Nearly 300 words of vocabulary learned in a day is a score that we see regularly. In some people, the memorization rate is of the order of 93% just after the course, it is usually 100% three months later! The most amazing thing is that students do not feel like learning. Even better, their ability to remember what they memorized and learned in the weeks and months that follow is much better than traditional methods.
Le programme alphamax masterlangue,
Le programme alphamax masterlangue,
For learning foreign languages, we will advise sessions ranging from 20 to 30 minutes. The duration of the themes in the table of contents, you will choose your own menus without exceeding 30 minutes per day, which corresponds to about 200 words.

To familiarize yourself with the Masterlanguage method, we advise you to start with 10 minutes a day and gradually increase the following days. You will see very quickly which rhythm suits you best. Masterlangue will adapt to your schedule over a period of 1 to 3 months depending on your pace. On an average of about 90 days, you will have the opportunity to listen to the full 13-hour cycle. It is important to follow this method very carefully in order to obtain the best results. Experience proves that it is by doing the cycle three times that the integration of words will be the most optimal in deep memory.

The vocabulary cards will serve you as a teaching aid: Also, the day after each session, to perfect the method, we will ask you to repeat aloud, from the vocabulary cards corresponding to the session, the words integrated the day before during your relaxation sessions with your Alphamax glasses.

  • During language learning, we advise you to breathe through the nose, because abdominal breathing causes 15% additional oxidation in the blood.
  • According to Dr. Lozanov, alternating breathing increases the memory capacity.
  • The breathing rate used will be 2-4-2. That is, a two-second breath, a hold (air lock) of four seconds while the information will be seen and heard, and an expiration of two seconds.
  • When you see the small ball swell, then you will begin your inspiration and then, you will block your breath for 4 seconds, the time to visualize the clipart on the screen, and when you see it deflate, then you will exhale.

  • Sit comfortably in a sitting position if possible.
  • Relax well your forehead, face, neck and shoulders.
  • Start with a few breaths (at least ten).
  • They must be calm and deep.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply.

Le programme alphamax masterlangue,
Le programme alphamax masterlangue,
Le programme alphamax masterlangue,
Le programme alphamax masterlangue,
An earpiece, a voice translator that will allow users of Alphamax, to exchange in different situations with people whose language they wish to acquire.

The conversation will be recorded and they can assimilate it to be more autonomous in a future situation.
Let your mind learn naturally ...
The less effort you make, the more results you get !!!
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Méthode multilingues ALPHAMAX MASTERLANGUE
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