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Méthode multilingues ALPHAMAX MASTERLANGUE
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Masterlangue® is a revolutionary process based on the research of Dr. Georgie Lozanov from Sofia, Bulgaria, in the late 1970s; this is the Suggestopedia. Its distribution in the United States has allowed students access to accelerated learning five times more effective than traditional methods.
TODAY with Alphamax® and its multimedia glasses
You will be able to learn a foreign language in 3 months!
By taking pleasure and relaxation.
And you will assimilate 5 times faster than traditional methods!

Thanks to ALPHAMAX glasses at home, without moving.

With relaxation, breathing, music and visualization.

ALPHAMAX is an audio-visual brain stimulator that will synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain and use it to the fullest of its capabilities.

Our brain emits several types of waves at various frequencies.

Medicine, psychology, and pedagogy are now focusing on ALPHA waves.
Preparation and conditioning session
psychotherapist Yann Éric Decordes.

Place yourself 30cm away from the screen and close your eyes if you want to try, sitting comfortably, and if possible in the dark

These are the Alpha waves that improve the ability to learn, assimilate and memorize much faster.

The glasses ALPHAMAX are equipped with a program of your choice to learn a language or to treat diseases of civilization such as stress, lack of sleep, excess weight, or addiction to cigarette ....
We have associated video-programs with images, binaural and luminous signals, waves, music adapted with a subliminal audio, all to arrive at the best result.

Alphamax is today the most effective way to accelerate all kinds of subjects with ease and relaxation.

Put on your Alphamax sunglasses, lie back, relax and let us guide you, we'll take care of the rest.

Let your mind learn naturally ...
The less effort you make, the more results you get !!!

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Méthode multilingues ALPHAMAX MASTERLANGUE
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